References and Notes



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Notes and Highlights

  • One assumption made for the PDP is that the features in \(X_{C}\) are uncorrelated with the features in \(X_{S}\). If this assumption is violated, the averages, which are computed for the partial dependence plot, incorporate data points that are very unlikely or even impossible.

    For example, it’s unreasonable to claim that height and weight is uncorrelated. If height is the feature to plot, only changing height through different values would create data points like someone is 2 meters but weighting below 50kg. Considering PDP is calculated by averaging through all data points, with these kind of unreasonable data points, the result might not be trustworthy. [R3]


    check data_transformer parameter in pdp_isolate and pdp_interact.

  • Some PD visualisations don’t include the feature distribution. Omitting the distribution can be misleading, because you might over-interpret the line in regions, with almost no feature values. [R3]


    check plot_pts_dist parameter in pdp_plot.

  • There is one issue with ICE plots: It can be hard to see if the individual conditional expectation curves differ between individuals, because they start at different \(\hat{f} (x)\). [R4]


    check center parameters in pdp_plot and pdp_interact_plot.

  • When many ICE curves are drawn the plot can become overcrowded and you don’t see anything any more. [R4]


    check frac_to_plot and cluster parameters in pdp_plot and pdp_interact_plot.